[Mid]: This deck is designed for mid-power games as defined by PlayEDH--very expensive cards and highly-efficient wincons are deliberately excluded.

Seasonal Decks: Every new season, I make a new deck with a top-down design intended to represent that season. This deck is part of that series.

Concept: Fall means harvest festivals, and my seasonal deck last fall covered sort of the negative connotations of the harvest, so this one is about partying irresponsibly hard. There was originally going to be a food subtheme, but I had trouble really fitting it in.



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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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Avg. CMC 2.93
Tokens Beast 3/3 G, Cat 2/2 G, Copy Clone, Goblin 1/1 R, Insect 1/1 G, Ogre 3/3 R, Plant 0/1 G, Rat 1/1 B, Rogue 2/2 B, Saproling 1/1 G, Satyr 1/1 R, Satyr 2/2 GR, Shapeshifter 2/2 U, Spider 1/2 G, Thopter 1/1 C, Treasure
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