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Artifacts And Creatures (1)

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Big Permanents (1)

Creatures (60)

Creatures (Aristocrats Theme) (1)

Creatures (Big Creatures Theme) (1)

Creatures (Draw Theme) (3)

Creatures (Gate Theme) (1)

Creatures (Hellbent Theme) (1)

Creatures (Mono-Black) (1)

Creatures (Mono-Blue) (1)

Creatures (Self-Mill Theme) (1)

Creatures (Spellslinger Theme) (2)

Creatures And Enchantments (3)

Even Creatures (1)

Library Manipulation + Instant-Speed Draw (1)

Mono-Blue (2)

Non-Dinosaur Creatures (1)

Non-Dragon Creatures (1)

Non-Giant Creatures (1)

Nonartifact, Nonblack Creatures (1)

Nonartifact Creatures (1)

Nonland, Nonlegendary Permanents (1)

Nonland Creatures (1)

List of all pertinent board wipes in EDH.

What this includes:

  • Cards that move all creatures with toughness 6 on the battlefield to a different zone without costing more than 6 life, without costing more than 8 mana total, and without moving lands.
  • Cards that move all creatures with toughness 6, all artifacts, and all enchantments on the battlefield to a different zone without costing more than 8 life, more than 10 mana total, and without moving lands.

What this doesn't include:

  • Cards that only wipe creatures if they have dealt damage or if they are attacking, because the threat of a creature can go beyond its ability to deal combat damage.
  • Cards that cannot wipe the most important creatures (Divine Reckoning, Alpha Brawl, and Slash the Ranks, to name a few).
  • Mass return to the hand unless its instant speed or doesn't hit most/all of your permanents while still fulfilling the "What this includes" requirements.
  • Cards that require you discard two or more cards to board wipe (Mageta the Lion), since they undo the whole advantage that board wipes give you by requiring card disadvantage.
  • Cards that can only remove creatures with a specific ability or of a certain color, such as flying (Hurricane), however, wiping creatures without a specific ability or without a certain color is okay.
  • Wiping only creatures of a specific cmc, except if it can wipe creature of converted mana cost 6 and 7 within the first three turns.

Please suggest board wipes that fit these parameters, ask about my other helpful resources for EDH, or check out this link to my scryfall search for board wipes.


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