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Turn one Salvage Titan is totally possible sometimes even 2! Actually the only two things to worry about is not drawing one of them and… well… interaction lmfao. Salvage Titan can recur itself. But you know artifact hate or… Chalice of the Void

But it’s so friggin fun when it works!!! Lmfao. And probably only on game one. But who knows? Lmao.

Lemme know what ya think.

Defining the Cheese Archetype in Magic: The Gathering


The “Cheese” archetype in Magic: The Gathering focuses on cheating or circumventing the traditional mana costs and deployment methods of cards, aiming to deploy powerful effects earlier than what is typically expected in a game.

Core Principles

  1. Cost Circumvention: The central tenet of the archetype. The goal is to gain more value from a card than its mana cost would suggest. This can be achieved through various means, from bypassing mana costs, avoiding waiting periods like suspend, to reanimating or cheating creatures and spells directly onto the battlefield.

  2. Speed and Surprise: The Cheese strategy is not just about cost-efficiency but also about speed. Deploying powerful effects earlier than anticipated creates a tempo advantage and often catches opponents off-guard, disrupting their game plan.

  3. Flexibility: While the principle of cheating costs is consistent, the means to achieve this can vary. The archetype can encompass a variety of card types and strategies, from creatures to spells and beyond. The focus is on the action of cheating costs, not the specific cards or interactions used.

  4. Meta-Disruption: Cheese decks have the innate ability to challenge and sidestep traditional metagame expectations. By deploying threats and effects out of the regular curve, these decks can unsettle established strategies and force opponents to adapt on-the-fly.


• Using Electrodominance to instantly cast suspended spells.

• Reanimating large creatures with spells like Persist.

• Combo strategies like Living End, which resurrects multiple creatures from the graveyard by bypassing their mana costs.


At its heart, the “Cheese” archetype is about maximizing efficiency and gaining an edge through unexpected and unconventional plays. It challenges the norms of the game and encourages players to find creative ways to gain more value from their cards than the costs would typically allow.


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