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The goal here is to ramp and be tutoring for answers or combos by turn 3-5.

Suggestions on how to overall speed up this process, and what to swap out would be appreciated.

You will like this deck if:

  • Risks are fun to take
  • Linear Play is OK
  • Combos are amazing
  • We should be playing Archenemy

The low land count in most cases doesn't affect gameplay, however, ideal starting hands should be:

  • 2 lands, make sure they cover both colors
  • 2 ramp cards
  • 1 tutor card
  • 1 tutor or value creature
  • 1 sac outlet

God hand would be Mana Crypt, Swamp, Buried Alive, Victimize, Forest, Elvish Mystic, and any other 2 cards. This allows for a turn 2 win by using Buried Alive to get Mikaeus, the Unhallowed and Triskelion into your grave on turn 1. If all goes well, turn 2 will see an Elvish Mystic or any other 1 drop creature, and Victimize resolving and then it is pretty much game over.

Elves is a sub theme to help speed things along, and plays nicely with Skullclamp

Go wild


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