Thus far this is the best mono-black aggro/devotion deck I'm seen or played with.

My initial plays Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, Knight of the Ebon Legion and Gifted Aetherborn are intended to simply slow down fast combo decks or aggressive aggro decks while I stabilize, though none of them are ever bad draws which is something I always look for in cheap spells, the ability to add value in the midgame. Duress is a nice budget option in place of Thoughtseize. Dauthi Voidwalker has tremendous potential early and midgame value and Sign in Blood will often keep the pressure on you might otherwise stall.

Once your opponent's best laid plans have been disrupted, the goal is just aggressive beatdown with efficient creatures that build up Devotion. I love the value of Deathtouch / Lifelink creatures in black - expect Nighthawk Scavenger and Phyrexian Obliterator to draw all the removal your opponents can get their hands on, because just one is capable of winning the game for you. Murderous Rider has swiftly become one of my favorite removal cards and is paired with a full set of the ever-reliable Fatal Push to keep the battle lines clear. If all of that isn't enough to finish the job, the end-game goal of the deck is to drop a big Gray Merchant of Asphodel to take advantage of all that Devotion.

While I like my creature spread, I'm considering throwing in a one-of, debating over the surprise finishing value of Mogis's Marauder or either of the very solid four-drops Lashwrithe, Nightmare Shepherd or Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet. Any would do - as would several others - and the inability to choose has made me more comfortable with what I already have listed. Essence Harvest as a finisher is another one-of I've been considering as well.

So it's a little aggro, a little devotion and some rack (minus the rack) thrown in. The deck could probably be accused of trying to do too many things at once, but it's all complimentary, the mana curve is right and it has a natural path to follow from beginning to end: Disruption -> Aggro -> Devotion + Gary.

Any additional recommendations or advice is always appreciated, particularly regarding the sideboard. Right now it's fairly generic with just some standard removal, graveyard hate and a few potentially devastating Surgical Extraction to help out against combo-decks. If you can't get your hands on Surgical Extraction then Extirpate is a nice budget option. I'm also seriously considering The Elderspell, Sinkhole, Dismember, Grafdigger's Cage and Leyline of the Void, depending on the meta.

Most of the creatures in the deck are bolt-able and therefore vulnerable to other common removal effects like Anger of the Gods - I can't help but wonder if Bad Moon wouldn't be a good inclusion, either main deck or in the sideboard. Just one on the board can change the entire complexion of the deck.


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