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Mercadia's Most Malevolent Mercenaries

Casual Casual Mono-Black Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick Tribal



Mercadia's Most Magnificent and Malevolent Mercenaries. A Mono-Black Mercenary tribal deck.

I'm building this deck because our Casual/EDH organizer runs a multiplayer event to celebrate his birthday. You will be rewarded for running an original deck. I suggested Mercenary tribal to him and he was really exited and he didn't remember when he saw mercenaries in action last time. He has played the game of Magic over 15 years.

I wanted to build an unusual tribal deck and I decided to build a deck around almost forgotten tribe, Mercenaries. Mercenaries weren't as popular as Rebels used to be, though they had bigger bodies and a bit higher CMC. The reason why Mercs weren't as popular as the Rebels is mainly because of their "recruiting" system. Mercs can only "hire" cards with lower CMC than they have themselves, basically it is said that because if they start rioting, they can beat the smaller guys...

The deck is supposed to work in multiplayer casual environments. The main mechanic is to get recruiters while trying to stay safe, then flood the battlefield and once they die you shuffle your graveyard into your library and spare a recruiter or two.

  1. Thin your deck using recruiters, like Cateran Overlord + Cateran Slaver

  2. Use Cabal Coffers and Caged Sun to generate mana quickly in mid and late game.

  3. Flood the battlefield.

  4. Start over again if they didn't die already using Elixir of Immortality and recruiters.

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