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Balan Voltron deck. Some of the other cats will help with equipment invincibility, but the only attacker you need is Balan, Wandering Knight . Slap three equipment on her and she gets double strike. Even better, you can pay , and slap ALL the equipment on her. Make sure she gets flying from Cobbled Wings or Wings of Hubris and trample from Vorrac Battlehorns or Chariot of Victory . If your opponents like noncombat stuff like destroying or doing a bunch of damage without creatures, slap General's Kabuto and Darksteel Plate on Balan and you're good to go. If you need more raw damage output, slap on Bloodforged Battle-Axe for +2/+0 for every time you hit your target.


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Took out a bunch of the cats. The cat tribal for this deck was nonexistent compared to Balan shooting out commander damage faster than a jackrabbit on cocaine.


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