Paper Thrasios Vial Smasher High Tide and Doomsday Storm deck AS IS

Planned changes:

Thought Scour -> Timetwister

Faithless Looting -> Imperial Seal

The idea of this deck is to use as many generally good cards as possible to string together a win, quite often out of nowhere, as fast as possible. To do this, we have a few possible lines to a win.

Line 1: Ad Nauseam into storm.

This line is gonna be our primary win, with casting Ad Nauseam, drawing enough value right before our turn and untapping with an overfilled hand.

Line 2: Paradox Engine

This is often going to be our second choice, as it's not as consistent to win without specific other pieces, but if our spells all become mana positive, we can dump excess mana into Thrasios to dig to keep going.

Line 3: Doomsday

This is probably the hardest to pull off of our one-card wincons, but the general count to 6 rule still applies like everywhere else. However, with Thrasios in the command zone, we can use Dramatic Reversal to run through the pile if we have 4 mana after a draw 2 spell.

Line 4: Dramatic Reversal and Isochron Scepter

Simple produce infinite mana to draw whole deck off Thrasios

Line 5: Paradox Engine with Isochron Scepter

This generally produces infinite mana, but two specific cards on Isochron Scepter win: Swan Song and Lightning Bolt. Swan Song can be used by infinitely countering your own Swan Songs for an infinitely large swan army, and Lightning Bolt provides infinite damage by infinitely casting lightning bolt.

If all else fails, manual storm is always an option.


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