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Do you like thopters? Do you like control? Do you like a unique way of winning? If yes, then this deck is perfect for you. Ride your way to victory on the coattails of Dovin, Grand Arbiter and his thopter army or the famed Mechanized Production while protecting them with permissions and removals. His signature spell Enlightened Tutor acts as a toolbox to grab any enchantment or artifacts I need to support my thopter army. Once I have my thopter army large enough, Dovin will be able to ultimate every other turn and get anything I need ad nauseum. Sharding Sphinx is the most powerful finisher of the deck which can end the game quick if unimpeded.

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Notable Synergies

Win Conditions

Thopter tokens get beefy quick in this deck and can eliminate the table in quick order without disruption. Alternatively, since I will be producing a bunch of thopter tokens, Mechanized Production (which can be tutored with the signature spell) is another great way of ending the game by enchanting it on a thopter token.

Want to bring this deck to the next level? If budget allows, Moat (also tutorable with signature spell) is an excellent addition and synergies with the deck strategy really well.

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