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The Carnage Patch Kids

Modern Combo RGW (Naya)


So I recently stumbled across the card Kindle the Carnage for the first time, and it caught my attention. Ideas for soft combos slowly began to materialize, and after some careful cogitation this deck was realized.

Despite being tagged as Naya, we’re really only playing a / build. To that end the land types and counts are fairly simple.

•Back to the old Stomping Ground for either or , whichever we need at the time.

Wooded Foothills lets us nab whichever land color we need.

Cragcrown Pathway  , and it’s inverse Timbercrown Pathway , is tailored for the “man of indecision”.

Valakut Stoneforge can be used as an additional source of , but it’s primary reason for inclusion is the inverse side. (See below)

•The basic Mountain and Forest round out the remaining lands.

Lightning Bolt anything that poses an immediate threat, or you perceive might be part of an engine of sorts. We’re not a terribly fast deck so we’ll want to mitigate potential derailment as much as possible until we’re ready to close out the game.

•Play Ignorant Bliss like Austin Powers holding a 21 at the Blackjack table. “I too, like to live dangerously.”

Valakut Awakening   to keep chasing that mulligan high.

I.e. ‘Tooters’

Fierce Empath will permit us to scour our menagerie of monsters for a suitably grossly overcosted creature.

Time of Need lets us select a legendary creature. I’m still debating adding in another legendary creature (like Iname as One ) over the Wurm, but something about the psychological toll that 15cmc takes on the opponent is just so gratifying.

Summoner's Pact as a last resort. If you’re positive you can end the game this turn, go ahead and cast it. I’ve always feared the Pact cards would turn around and bite me so I’m leery of them.

Anyone familiar with this game has already read between the lines and figured out what we’re going for. So in order to facilitate that, we need some creatures we can bounce our ‘cue ball of death’ off of like the side rail in a game of Billiards.

Boros Reckoner fits the bill nicely. He won’t be difficult to cast, and he’s robust enough to hang around a turn or two if necessary.

Spiteful Sliver is even easier to field, and gives us another viable target as a bonus. Not that we’ll typically need to take that option.

With either the Reckoner or the Sliver in play, and with the card mentioned at the outset in hand, we should now be ready to finish the game.

•First we’ll need ammunition—tutor for Ghalta, Primal Hunger or Autochthon Wurm , with their eye-stinging mana costs.

Kindle the Carnage will let us empty our hand in semi-automatic fashion. Make repeated random discards until you dump one of those morbidly-obese-CMC creatures and when either Boros Reckoner or Spiteful Sliver (or both!) are dealt that cmc’s worth of damage, it’ll be reflected back at the opponent.

•Cast Boros Reckoner and Spiteful Sliver

•Tutor Ghalta, Primal Hunger and/or Autochthon Wurm

•Cast Kindle the Carnage , discarding the super high cmc creatures. That amount of damage will be reflected directly back at the opposing player for catastrophic life loss.

Sideboard is just a hodgepodge of similar-effect cards to the maindeck as of now. Some draw in the form of Cathartic Reunion ; some additional direct damage in the form of Shock ; another ‘Reflector’ type creature in Spitemare ; and an additional mana source with Desperate Ritual . I’m open to suggestions.

“...and with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you.”


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