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The recent banning of Faithless Looting , and Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis will slow down the modern format. The rise of Stoneforge Mystic will result in Remand being more effective. Long term control v. midrange and control v. control Mono U Tron goes bigger, stronger, and can beat up other control decks. The alternate (non-creature) win conditions make this deck dangerous. Combo decks are in for a nightmare with all the tempo-based cards, and the full playset of Force of Negation . Remand is an amazing tempo card, and is severely underrated in long game control decks. This deck does not have a big enough impact to scare WotC into a B&R scare.


  1. RK Post Beetlejuice 3/3 Wurm Lifelink

  2. RK Post Beetlejuice 3/3 Wurm Lifelink

  3. RK Post T927 Classic Construct 7 Token

  4. 1/1 Blue Faerie Token

Throne of Eldraine Update (18 SEP 2019):

  1. Maindeck adjustment -2 [0] River of Tears into +1 [1] Mystic Sanctuary , and +1 [1] Castle Vantress because the deck needs more basics, and more value late-game scenarios.

  2. Maindeck adjustment -1 [2] Wurmcoil Engine into +1 [1] The Magic Mirror because in a control v. control matchup a one of this strong will quickly take over a game with the passive ability. The second element of this adjustment is the +1 to the amount cards that potentially can be pitched to Force of Negation .

  3. Stolen by the Fae out of the sideboard will allow for bouncing a large threat (or your own creature for protection) and push the tempo into a large amount of 1/1 flying faeries.


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