Mayael the Anima is the shaman leader of the Cylian elves from Alara. She was barely out of adolescence when the previous Anima, near death, summoned her and named Mayael as her successor. Mayael underwent the ritual of the "Whitecover Gaze," blinding herself in exchange for the ability of powerful magical sight.

In this deck, Mayael the Anima uses her magical sight to cheat massive creatures onto the battlefield.

  • Commander provides instant speed card advantage.
  • Play some of the biggest creatures in the game, especially without paying their mana costs.
  • Fun factor and replay value are high as each game explodes a unique variety of powerful creatures into play.
  • Strategy is straightforward.
  • You dislike combat damage.
  • You prefer efficient tutors to the built-in variance of Mayael the Anima.
  1. Ramp with Bloom Tender, Faeburrow Elder, Cultivate etc.
  2. Play haste, draw, and cheat effects like Rhythm of the Wild, Garruk's Uprising, and Elvish Piper respectively.
  3. If you can't cheat creatures into play or cast them directly from ramping up, play and activate Mayael the Anima. With 28+ bomb creatures in the deck, you should put a threat on the board in 4 out of 5 activations.
  4. A single turn in the midgame can hard cast a creature, cheat a creature into play from hand, and activate Mayael to cheat a creature into play from library.
  1. Combat damage.
    While there are no win conditions beyond playing a critical mass of the biggest monsters in the game as soon as turn 6, Seedborn Muse and Shaman of Forgotten Ways can accelerate victory.


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