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This is my Mathas deck that I have been working on since the Pre-Con came out. Right now, I consider it a causal deck, with the intentions of bringing more towards 75% range.

UPDATE: This deck went through a major over haul. One big change is that (over time) this deck turned more and more into a Mardu stax deck. This influence can be seen in the deck. Any update below I placed in bold.

Win Cons: A big part of this deck is politics and table communication. I know there are holes in this deck that I am working on, but I cannot tell you how many times a few well place curses, table talk, deals, and making the table laugh with small talk and jokes have helped this deck. Best results are with a social pilot. The goal is to establish control with stax. As of now, the control is geared more towards anti-creature. I am thinking about adding in the future pershaps Rule of Law or Grand Abolisher. Keldon Twilight and Mogis is a nasty combo, especially if I have No Mercy up. Lapse of Certainty and Remove Enchantments are so added interaction and protection for my board pieces.

  1. Life Gain - with either Test of Endurance

  2. Board Wipe - to win via Revel in Riches

Use Telfri's Protection to protect and guarantee the win cons for Test of Endurance and/or Revel in Riches

  1. Blood Bond Combo Get exquiste blood and sanguine bond in the battlefield with a life gain activation to start an infinite combo of gaining and draining life to win.

  2. Torment of Hailfire Gather a bunch of mana through either Curse of opulence and/or Revel in riches to cast Torment of Hailfire to either flatout win or tip the board state heavily in my favor

What I Need: Honest and fair feedback, comments, concerns, and suggestions. This is my pet deck that I am constantly working on when I have the chance. Thanks.


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