This deck is based around Quandrix. This college of Strixhaven is all about math, tokens and +1/+1 counters. This will play to the ability of having Adrix and Nev, Twincasters as the commander, but could be switched out for Tanazir Quandrix if you wish. Having Worldly Tutor in the deck makes it a key critical card to get one or the other to help finish out the game. There are some other tutor cards to get the pieces I need to win the game, but I wanna go over all the sections of the deck.

Bear in mind things can change a lot because of this moment building the deck we don’t quite know what all is in the commander deck.

The pattern of the college grounds.

Mana ramp in simic is simple. You can search for all the lands you want to put out on the field, and still have access to some of the better mana rocks. One personal favorite rock is Firemind Vessel . Yes it costs four and gives 2 mana back, but that 2 mana can be the colors of our deck. This for me has been an include in all my two color decks.

Cultivate , Rampant Growth , Kodama's Reach , Quandrix Cultivator , Sol Ring , Simic Signet , Arcane Signet , Firemind Vessel , Farseek , Talisman of Curiosity , Vastwood Surge .

Look at how big this library is!

Now for card draw in this deck is has some different avenues.the reason behind this there is card draw for having lots of creature, and +1/+1 counters on those creatures. This deck does both having plenty of tokens and counters. I am searching for some better ones, but this is what I have started.

Eureka Moment , Golden Ratio , Mentor's Guidance , Growth Spiral , Rhystic Study , Sylvan Library , Inspiring Call , Pull from Tomorrow , Armorcraft Judge , Tezzeret's Gambit .

This number doesn’t belong in my equation.

In this section because we have access to great artifact and enchantment destruction in the form of green, and great counter spells in the form of blue, that’s basically what I focused on this deck. I’ll counter what I don’t like, and I can allow artifacts and enchantments to go through, so I can destroy them later.

Beast Within , Decisive Denial , Counterspell , Krosan Grip , Nature's Claim , Arcane Denial , Negate , Rewind , Saw It Coming .

Let’s clear the laboratory.

This is easy. I see blue, I put Cyclonic Rift in the deck. With other targeted removal and counter spells in the deck I don’t feel a great amount of board wipes is necessary.

The more the merrier.

This section is about how to get some other tokens out. I am keeping in the theme of Quandrix so having fractals are a thing. Could I have more token generators? Yes. Do I want to? No, because I feel it would take away from the other sections in helping the deck run.

biomathmetician, Body of Research , Double Major , Fractal Summoning , Leyline Invocation , Cackling Counterpart , Second Harvest , Helm of the Host , Repudiate / Replicate .

We get bigger muscles through bigger brains.

There are a lot of counters being thrown around in this deck from spells and creatures. This plays well as an alt win condition thanks to Simic Ascendancy .

Simic Ascendancy , Forgotten Ancient , Exponential Growth , Herald of Secret Streams , The Ozolith , Zegana, Utopian Speaker .

The students of Quandrix College.

Here at Quandrix, we like math and understanding patterns. So it is natural to have multiple amounts of people from the school to help. Solve the riddles of the universe.

As the cards came out, I really did love the design of the college, and I knew I would build a deck around them. This is different from what I am used to doing, but I do like keeping on theme with the deck.

Augmenter Pugilist  , Kasmina, Enigma Sage , Master Symmetrist , Quandrix Command , Solve the Equation , Tanazir Quandrix , Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy .

Pulling from the library.

These cards are meant to help the deck run a little smoother. I wanted a few tutor spells, but didn’t want to push the price of the deck past $500. As I already have several of the most expensive cards this is a little easier to do. So earlier like Worldly Tutor , Merchant Scroll , and Trophy Mage help get key pieces into my hand to win with a Nexus of Fate + Spellbinder combo for infinite turns.

Other key cards that help with be Vedalken Orrery , Archetype of Imagination , and Echo of Eons . I thought all of these cards fit into the theme of the deck as Quandrix wants to be the ones with infinite knowledge and understanding of the flow of time. This all does come together with one of my pet combo’s in blue, Isochron Scepted + Dramatic Reversal . This will help us get infinite mana to have an alt win condition in Simic Ascendancy as mentioned previously.

So I hope you enjoyed your tour around Quandrix college, and we shall see you around campus.


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