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Maskwood Nexus Goin Wild

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Welcome to the actual paper version of this weird deck!

This is a Maskwood Nexus deck, built entirely around finding Maskwood Nexus , and then using its ability to make silly nonsense happen. The primary theme in terms of what the payoffs are for this deck are "tap-lords", or creatures (and artifacts like Myr Turbine ), that want you to tap a certain number of tribe members for an effect. But instead of actual tribe members, we use other lords instead, resulting in what "Commander's Quarters" referred to as Lords-tribal (his video on decks he could not make work was also the original inspiration for the deck.

The deck has dual commanders, and you can choose which one to run whenever you play the deck. Golos is the standard commander for me, as being able to fetch The World Tree really helps with the mana situation, and can enable fun god-nonsense in the lategame. Tazri is the other option, and her sole purpose is to tutor for Mirror Entity , which functions like a poor-man's Maskwood Nexus .

I'll be happy to receive suggestions for improvements and ideas, or any other feedback you might have!


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This deck is not Commander / EDH legal.

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