Marwyn Pump-Storm

"Oh hey, it's Elves!" - An unsuspecting opponent after I reveal my commander.

This deck is not Elves.

Welcome to Marwyn's Pump-Storm, a Mono Green deck that aims to consistently win on turn 2 or 3. Feel free to comment any questions or suggestions, and please leave an upvote!

Marwyn Pump-Storm is my own creation, the final iteration of my Mono-Green EDH deck I have been playing for a few years. It began when I pulled a Selvala, Heart of the Wilds in a Conspiracy draft prize pack. It was a typical ramp deck that played Elves for mana early game and big fatties to win later on. It was incredibly fun, but wasn't quite good enough. Soon after, I ventured into cEDH, and built decks such as Paradox Arcum and Grixis Twin. My more casual mono green deck turned into Yisan, the Wanderer Bard combo, but that got boring, and eventually I pulled back out my Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, and it became Selvala Brostorm, albeit a slightly budgeted version. However, I eventually built other cEDH decks and swapped my Mana Crypt and other cEDH level cards out of Selvala, as Brostorm wasn't really my favorite anyway. I added back in all my favorite Elves from the early days of the deck, and played it more casually for the time. Toward the end of that year, I made a commander swap yet again, choosing Marwyn, the Nurturer because of the Elven synergies. The deck played out like most Marwyn decks on TappedOut, Elves with a combo finish (hence the name in the website URL, Marwyn's Combo Elves). The deck was much more consistent with Marwyn at the helm, but I thought she could be more potential than simply an Elf deck. I decided to focus on this idea, adding back in my Mana Crypt, etc, and discovered Marwyn's synergy with Pump spells rather than depending on Elves for +1/+1 counters. I also found that pairing this with cheap cards that untap target creature could create large amounts of mana incredibly fast. This plus Green's plethora of creature tutors made Marwyn Pump-Storm a fast and consistent combo deck.
Pump-Storm is probably the most competitive version of Marwyn. Obviously finding the perfect version would require many more games than I would ever be able to play, but I personally believe this deck is more than viable in cEDH. The most direct comparison would be to the aforementioned Selvala Brostorm, but I think Marwyn is quite possibly better. There are so many more redundant effects making it more consistent, the deck plays less bad cards, and has a much smaller mana input making it easier to combo off faster. The main reason most people choose Selvala, Heart of the Wilds is because her built in draw outlet, however the deck also plays fewer tutors than Marwyn, so she very rarely needs more card draw. My deck also plays 0 cards dedicated to interaction or protecting the combo, which is slightly foolish, but with so many redundant effects, plus Vines of Vastwood effects (pump spells with Hexproof built in) the deck is only really weak to Counterspells on key combo pieces. Playing a deck where every single card contributes to winning is simply more efficient, and I am perfectly fine with sitting back and letting other people deal with threats (Edit: currently testing a few interaction pieces). Against any deck trying to combo off fast, Marwyn usually wins the race, and against more control type builds Marwyn punishes the opponents for wasting Counterspells on opponents' spells. Marwyn even evades most stax effects, because the only card you really need to untap is herself, and there are cards in the deck that do that.


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