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Marwyn, Mother's Knows Best EDH

Commander / EDH* Elves Mono-Green Tribal



This is a deck that is based pretty much on two things gaining life and swarming the board with so many creatures that your opponent(s) cant cope with the shear number of creatures. While also gaining as much mana as possible, the main strategy of this deck is Agro with some support to deal with other archetypes.

A word of warning though this deck does not as good in a meta with a stax heavy presence

Updated: January 21st 2019 I am truly sorry that i fell behind in updating this deck, This build I find is more consistent and can go off early giving the right circumstances. This deck has a habit of running itself after a certain point dumping around 3-4 creatures a turn even without Aluren


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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