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Remaking this because this deck was my OG pauper build and ive strayed too far from its origins so bringing it back to its roots :)

This deck is meant to be played on your opponents end step. Because all of your discard triggers on the doggies(Wild Mongrel/Vampire Hounds/Hell Mongrel) can be activated at instant speed, you can wait and see what your opponent is doing with their mana before committing yours. I mention this because the deck can feel somewhat underwhelming if you are playing everything out on your mp1. This deck also excels at combat because your opponent has to play around a more uncertain amount of stats as you can dump extra cards if needed to survive something.

Deck Tech:

If we want to use all of our sick madness cards we first need ways to discard them. Wild Mongrel is the premier option for this as it allows us to play our madness cards(even creatures and sorceries!) at instant speed. Vampire Hounds and Hell Mongrel are essentially extra copies of Wild Mongrel since we can only play 4 copies and Noose Constrictor isnt pauper legal. Bone Shards is a great removal spell that also gives us a one-time discard effect.

Now the fun part, all of our madness payoff! Basking Rootwalla is my personal favorite coming out ABSOLUTELY FREE and with a built in combat trick. Kitchen Imp is cheap, fast, and evasive, making it a perfect early threat. Arrogant Wurm is definitely expensive but a 4/4 with trample can be scary when it enters at the end of ur opponents turn. Hell Mongrel is a nice double threat, not only being another good boy to discard cards but also being able to be discarded itself. To make sure we don't run out of cards to discard, Grave Scrabbler lets us keep the punches coming alongside Obsessive Search. Moving into our non-creatures, Dark Withering and Just the Wind let you interact with the creatures your opponent gets into play while Circular Logic ensures they never even enter play in the first place. Alms of the Vein finishes off this list giving us a little extra reach over the top(alongside Rancor)

as always any feedback, ideas, or suggestions are appreciated and if you enjoyed this deck consider checking out my other pauper decks --> jonjonhholt


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