Just Hermit Druid things

Chalky and I also wrote a primer, go check it out!


With Flash being banned, ignore everything in the primer that uses Flash, lots of the other advice and lines will still work fine. Updates are sadly unlikely as of now.

The core idea of the deck was and still is to be aggressive, use tutors and reanimation that work for multiple lines (Neoform tutors Hermit Druid as well as Cephalid Illusionist as well as Thassa's Oracle, for example, all three are easy to reanimate with Postmortem Lunge, etc.), and with that staying very focused on the deck's combos to keep consistency high (consistency is pretty good, mkay).


Updates Add

Alrighty, Thassa's Oracle had some minor impact on hulk lists (read: made them all obsolete), so we changed the deck and rewrote the primer. The core changes were cutting the Angel package and adding the Oracle/Labman/Consult package. The deck still functions relatively similar to it's earlier version, but now is way more slot efficient, allowing it to play a better fair game.

For combo explanations, card choices, etc. check out the primer in the description.



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