Currently trying to make a snow deck work... It's not easy.

The new force spells ( Force of Negation and Force of Vigor ) are great for this deck as it that fills our hand with the help of cards like Scrying Sheets , Ice-Fang Coatl , Glacial Revelation and Remand .

The deck can be surprisingly fast, but also crumbles on itself in the first few turns with bad draws.

Abominable Treefolk can be surprisingly good with his etb and his big butt.

Blizzard Strix is also surprisingly good considering it acts as a Flickerwisp with flash and the fact the we have a couple of good etb effects (including itself, which can lead to making opponents creatures disappear for their turn OR save creatures from wrath effects)

Marit Lage's Slumber Gives an astounding amount of scry triggers and, of course, eventually gives us a game-ender in the form of Marit Lage.

Into the North is a godsend in this deck, as it both allows us to get any land in the deck (except fetches)

Boreal Druid and Icehide Golem are probably the worst creatures/cards in the deck. They work very well together and are important because this deck truly needs ramp/early board presence. But boy does it suck to draw too many of them.

Spatial Contortion is luckily available with our snow lands and Boreal Druid since blue and green lack removal.


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