Could use some help with this deck. It's for a rather casual group that usually consists of 3-6 players. It's supposed to be more budget-y, like I don't really wanna run too many cards over $25. Definitely won't see me running anything like a Mana Crypt.

Also, I'm rather new to the Commander format, and I'm bad at deck building/balancing. I probably have a terrible mana base, not enough card draw, removal, etc.

"Pillowfort" General combat manipulation, forced combat, and interaction between other players.

Took out Insurrection. Seemed too powerful/competitive for this deck

There aren't very many boardwipes in this deck as I figured it would be better to allow others' masses of creatures to live, so that I can make or encourage them attack other players.

Combos (Potential) 1) Blade of Selves should work well with Nacatl War-Pride or any of the unblockable creatures 2) Blade of Selves would also work ridiculously well with Warstorm Surge 3) Warstorm Surge also works well with Hofri Ghostforge 4) Blade of Selves + Aura Shards


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