I built this deck around the idea of how to best utilize one of my favorite cards in standard that is Militia Bugler. Of course, some would feel as if getting another 2 powered creature, if you get any at all, isn't as good as it sounds. But for me, this card has a lot of potential as a staple in standard. Aside from providing a decent body early on as a 2/3 creature with vigilance it also essentially replaces itself with a creature that you need or a creature that synergizes with the ones you currently have on board or hand. For example, getting a Ravenous Chupacabra to destroy a creature next turn or a Jadelight Ranger to pump your Wildgrowth Walker if you have one on the battlefield. However, right now we won't be using any green so anything with explore is out of the equation. Luckily, we have no shortage of 2 powered creatures with powerful effects.

In this deck, we'll be using the power of Militia Bugler to build us an aristocrat-y deck that tries to out value the opponent with efficient and synergistic creatures. Listed below are the main synergies of this deck.

Gutterbones + Legion Warboss + Priest of Forgotten Gods

Just by having Gutterbones, Priest of Forgotten God and Warboss in play we'll essentially have an edict effect every turn to stop creature based decks from getting any foothold on the battlefield. Add in any of our other creatures, such as Elenda and Judith, and we'll eventually get a gigantic vampire with lifelink that'll give us more vampires when she dies and Judith who'll provide that extra pressure by pinging our opponent while buffing our creatures.

Dismissive Pyromancer + Gutterbones

This one just went over a lot of people's head. Some would say Gutterbones felt too slow as a recurring threat to be good or it's a slightly better (or worse) Reassembling Skeleton. That's because they haven't thought of the idea of using Gutterbones as discard fodder. We can always get it back. Another reason for putting Dismissive Pyromancer in the deck is that he's also counted as removal. Right now, there's going to be a ton of 4 toughness creatures that require an answer.

Elenda, the Dusk Rose + Legion Warboss + Siege-Gang Commander

This one is an obvious combo that perfectly curves out by itself. Legion Warboss provides the token to get sac'd by Siege-gang Commander, which will trigger Elenda, the Dusk Rose's ability. But if Siege-gang Commander isn't on the battlefield, the hasty goblins can either just deal 1 damage or die to a blocker, which will then trigger Elenda giving her counters.

To top it all off, we have Gruesome Menagerie as an insurance to bring back our main combo pieces from the grave--Gutterbones, Priest of Forgotten Gods, and Legion Warboss.


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