This deck was the result of trying my best to work Goblin Diplomats into a deck. It's a hilarious yet terrible card but its spirit lives on through Mardiplomacy.

The main idea is to use your opponents creatures against them. There are a bunch of enchantments that make using their resources hurt them, and a bunch of ways to make sure they have to use them.

Main Damage Dealers:
Lust for War, Contaminated Bond: These cause damage whenever your opponent attacks with their creatures

Contaminated Bond great way to mess with their mana base and works wonders with War's Toll

Opponent Control:
Fumiko the Lowblood: One of my favorite cards. She makes sure your opponents creatures attack triggering the pain enchantments.

War's Toll: A gem and overlooked card, essentially a stand in for Fumiko with the bonus of easily triggering Contaminated Bond

Damage Control:
Deflecting Palm: self explanatory, hard to keep a straight face when I know this is about to end a game

Order of the Stars: keeps attackers at bay and lets my enchantments ping away

Ethereal Haze: Fog/Panic Button

Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs: Always wanted to make this card shine and he's big threat in this deck

Zurgo Helmsmasher: Just for the luls

I appreciate any suggestions. I prefer cards in the spirit and flavor of the deck and love overlooked gems I could use some help evening out the mana curve. Thanks for checking it out!!


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