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Marchesa is a ruthless lady, and this deck fits her well. The plan is set a small group of creatures and start smacking, triggering Marchesa, the Black Rose 's dethrone abilities, adding +1/+1 counters, giving them a layer of defense and setting them up as sacrificial fodder. Once protected, maybe you kill everything off with a burn spell or two, maybe yours die too, oh well, they come back. Continue attacking whoever has the most life, making sure you your life total is lower with pain lands and Unspeakable Symbol , and when they start to play things again, borrow them, attack their owner with them, then sacrifice them, stealing them permanently. This deck is resilient, ruthless, and sometimes downright mean.

Highish curve and three colors call for some extra ramp. A special shout out to the talismans for lowering my life total in the process.

Chromatic Lantern , Darksteel Ingot , Dimir Signet , Izzet Signet , Rakdos Signet , Sol Ring , Talisman of Dominance , Talisman of Indulgence

A must have in most games. Most of them are on the lower side of the mana curve, and in the event I fail to draw one, this is what I tutor for. They are the meat of the deck, and several of them double as win conditions.

Carrion Feeder , Falkenrath Aristocrat , Grimgrin, Corpse-Born , Phyrexian Plaguelord , Sidisi, Undead Vizier , Thoughtpicker Witch , Viscera Seer , Yahenni, Undying Partisan , Attrition , Goblin Bombardment

A black rose indeed.


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