Hello and welcome to my build of Queen Marchesa. This deck is a flexible Mardu control deck which relies on versatility, politics and cheap efficient threats to control and win the game. This is a deck that doesn’t win the game early - but is designed to disrupt your opponents’ plans while gaining more resources and options to secure your win.

The games that you can expect to play with this deck will be highly interactive and often down to the wire - never boring! This isn’t a linear deck - every game will be different. This deck is what I like to call the 100% 75% deck. It doesn't do anything unfair; it doesn't employ any infinite combos and it largely lets other players play their decks, but it is 100% built to be strong and earn every win.

You'll love this deck if:

...you enjoy having flexibility in your play and making tricky decisions while playing.

...you enjoy playing proactively yet patiently.

...you enjoy having answers to almost every situation.

...you enjoy playing a consistent deck.

...you enjoy playing a deck that can kill players out of nowhere, often using their own resources against them .

...you enjoy a deck that can virtually secure the win without your opponents knowing that it is coming.

...you enjoy a deck that can recover well.

...(More than anything) you enjoy feeling like you fought tooth and nail for every victory, and even if you lost - that you contributed significantly to most games.

You'll may not enjoy playing this deck if:

…you enjoy attacking with a 50/50 Dragon with trample, haste, indestructible, hexproof and horsemanship.

...you enjoy playing heavily creature based decks.

...you enjoy playing tribal decks.

...you enjoy straightforward play.

...you enjoy tripling your mana or ramping for a million lands.

...you enjoy running infinite combos.

This deck is all about playing lean and mean and provoking your opponents to make decisions that benefit you.

This deck is also a long term altering project with my end goal being having the entire deck altered - including the basic lands. I do the alters myself so its often whenever I feel in the mood to paint. There have been a few times when I have had 100% of the cards altered, but as I am constantly adding and taking out cards currently it is probably sitting at 80% altered.


Updates Add

Archaeomancer's Map I appreciate that Wizards is printing more cards like this now and this certainly isn’t a bad card, however in my mind this is a bad combination of Burgeoning and Cultivate . We run so many good mana rocks that we rarely are falling behind in mana. This is a terrible late game top deck and not even that great when played on curve, unless you are regularly playing against massive green decks.

Tempting Contract Its a 4 mana artifact that does nothing until your next upkeep - and even then you rely on your opponents’ to get anything - and even then you are still ramping your opponents. Thran Dynamo exists. I don’t really know what else to say. Don’t run it!

Breena, the Demagogue Now this is a card I absolutely love, however you kinda need to read the card about 15 times to really get your head around it. At it’s best we are attacking 2 opponents, drawing 2 cards and placing 2x +1/+1 counters twice on creature/s we control.

I guess at its theoretical worst in our opponents’ turns (Assuming 4 players and somehow the life totals permitting) each opponent smack each other and draws 2 cards, while we get +12/+12 worth of counters. That’s a lot of power we gain, and a lot of opportunities for things like Duelist's Heritage to trigger on our opponents’ swings. Our “Goad” package already pushes our opponents to hit each other so I think Breena fits in perfectly.

No doubt giving our opponents card draw is a significant downside, however I think the payoff and our own card draw makes up for it. Even if this card doesn’t work out and is significantly worse than I’m judging right now, I absolutely love the style and concept of the card.

Rionya, Fire Dancer Just a quick mention that I really like this card; to get at least 1 free token copy of any other creature we control (As long as it isn’t legendary) every turn is really nice. I reckon that this card in the right shell is going to be a monster. Imagine casting any Act of Treason effect with this on the field…spicy stuff.

Cunning Rhetoric Very cool effect but I would just rather they didn’t attack me full stop. Ghostly Prison is a little blunt but does the job just fine.

Monologue Tax Many people have said that this card would be significantly better if it triggered for every spell after the first which is certainly true. Maybe it would then be too good - either way this is a solid card and a good addition for white. I don’t think it necessarily fits into this list as we aren’t particularly hurting for ramp.

Combat Calligrapher Cool effect but it gives our opponents too much for too few benefits. It doesn’t offer any card advantage, and I don’t think it really makes any attacks happen that wouldn’t already happen.

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