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Marchesa, Can i has your creature thanks!

Commander / EDH* Aristocrats Casual Control UBR (Grixis)



So i Saw Guess whos back again...build and was imediatly inspired to do the full on take my friends creatures and stuff and see where it goes! love some of these cards and just the fun idea this is a major WIP but the concept is definatly Stealing their stuff and winning with it. still building, adding, and trading/buying cards i want in the deck then i will be evening out the land/mana situation. The aristocratic tag is for the sacrifice mechanics that the deck utilized to be a win condition

Cards i need/want for the deck are in the maybe board I either dont own yet or have an extra ( i try not to proxy if i can avoid it) also my collection is not that Deep as others since i played from new phyrexia to AvR and return to ravnica then didnt play till about a year ago.


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