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March of the Manydudes - EDH Selesnya Tokens

Commander / EDH Casual Cats GW (Selesnya) Theme/Gimmick Tokens Tribal



Greetings, everyone!

Just got into EDH and got myself the C17 Feline Ferocity precon. This is a "budget" upgrade to change the strategy to tokens, while maintaining the cat tribal theme partially.

The deck wants to generate a bunch of tokens (Mostly cats!), and use Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist unique ability to guarantee success at the combat step.

Since token based strategies are quite vulnerable, the deck contains plenty of option to protect our pride, also, removal and multiple ways of getting to our win condition. With that in mind, we don't need to generate too many tokens which would draw attention and removal, but instead use the "few" tokens we generate to surprise opponents with a sudden damage outburst, with evasion, thanks to Mirri.

While I do realise that there are better options for token decks, this one relies on flavour and fun, to provide for your urges of commanding great armies. This deck is budget oriented, and not meant for competitive tier 1 play, for those of you who enjoy it.

About the Categories: The cards have been categorized by their main function, but most cards could also perform in different categories.

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome!

If you're into token decks, make sure to check out my Shirei aristocrats deck! Or if spellslinging is your thing, make sure to check my Niv-Mizzet, Parun Wheel Deck!

Have a good one!



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