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An ancient naya beast roams the realm of commander set, with the power to create armies, destroy foes, or mutate creatures into format beaters.

Marath seems to be a very useful general when it come to naya, it's abilities and color combination make it a would be threat early and late game.

I rock a far amount of token producing cards and tech in this deck.


The creature choices in this deck were chosen out of how well they play against other decks, how they help me set up a win con, and how they interact with my deck as a whole...

Lets talk about the creatures who help me get to where I need to be.. Wood Elves Solemn Simulacrum Oracle of Mul Daya Birds of Paradise Bloom Tender all these creatures help me ramp out a head to help my Marath engine.

there is a lot of enchantment and artifact hate in this deck, for creatures we have... Woodfall Primus and Reclamation Sage they provide enough destruction combined with other spells in the deck.

Now for the creature win cons... Avenger of Zendikar Craterhoof Behemoth Purphoros, God of the Forge Marath, Will of the Wild these creature cards are huge in this deck and go well with each other for a total board domination.

The rest of the creatures help curve out the deck and provide problems for my enemies while I build up a win.


Another sub theme I have in this deck, other than tokens, are the enchantments that I run. a lot of the enchantments that I run make maraths abilities even more affective cards like:

Doubling Season Cathars' Crusade Aura Shards Earthcraft Purphoros, God of the Forge

these cards really put me ahead of everyone else in the game.


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replaced Farseek with Altar of Bone. after re-building the deck i was wondering why i was 1 card too many. then i realized i didnt have the altar of bone included which was weird because it was in the deck for years...


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