UPDATE: DECK DISMANTLED JULY 12, 2021. Transformed into two different decks: Dragonlord Xenagos and potentially a new Marath with more focus on Marath than the current deck.

This deck is special to me: My first commander deck bought in 2013, and since then it has gone from beast tribal to something really weird...

Originally based more around beatdown and huge beasts I realized that my huge beasties don't do squat if they can't hit their target (i.e. the opponent(s) ). So how to deal with that, I thought. Well let's use Marath's ping-ability. So I added a lot of deathtouch cards in order to make Marath into a pinging powerhouse of death. A major update and overhaul of the deck occured in Apri 2021. The deck has been staying the same since 2016 when I stopped playing magic,and was thus quite out of date. Also, after now having the possibility to spend a bit more on a deck, I thought it was finally time to bring Marath out to what I wanted her to be all those years ago, but couldn't afford it.

As mentioned, Marath can keep control of the board on her own, but she can't really deal enough damage by herself; not without vigilance. So that's why she brings in her friends. Before the update, I focused way too much on varous abilites such as vigilance, haste, double strike and first strike. Now I'm all about haste; throw in creatures and pumping out that damage as fast as possible, while Marath guards and keeps the borders clean with combos like Basilisk Collar + Marath, Will of the Wild .

All in all, this is a somewhat versatile deck, that can be a real threat. Finishers include dragonian onslaught with Mirror Entity + Utvara Hellkite , Overwhelming Stampede or Triumph of the Hordes , and just brute force.

If there would be any change now, it would probably be to get Nylea, God of the Hunt as a source for trample. But I'm not sure that is necessary. Time will tell. But this is the last upgrade (I hope) Marath will receive in a long, long while now.

I am now building a voltron deck around Atraxa, an artifact reanimation deck with Osgir, and a Token onslaught with Adrix and Nev. Simultaneously. Please check them out if you want to and give some advice if you have any.


Updates Add

Found a rather good deal on a Quicksilver Amulet , so I added that one and removed the Elvish Piper .

The problem with the Piper is that is is usually way too easy to remove from the battlefield and with summoning sickness most of the time it lives out its days for the most part in either exile or in the graveyard. With quicksilver amulet there is at least a chance it can stay for a while. I hope.

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