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Manbearpig: The Awakening (silly Tribal)

Unformat Mono-Green Theme/Gimmick Tribal


I love weird tribal lists. Among others, I currently own a bear tribal and a druid tribal that wins with insane amounts of squirrel tokens. I realized that these two decks have some kind of overlap, and although I really don't want to dismantle either of them, I wanted to see what a hypothetical mashup might look like. The result is this decklist.


Have you ever wondered what bears with a fluffy tail their own length would look like? Wonder no more, as this deck answers your prayers. We produce bear tokens with Ayula's Influence. We produce squirrel tokens with Squirrel Wrangler and Deep Forest Hermit. We turn all of our tokens into squirrels with Earl of Squirrel. The lands we discard or sacrifice will be recycled with Groundskeeper and/or Splendid Reclamation. And we recycle those and our Hibernation's Ends with Gaea's Blessing.

Will all this work? I have no freakin' idea. But this deck has such an insane amount of memetastic cards that I simply don't care.

Do you like my sillyness? Do you know ways to sillify it even more? Bear with me, and together, we can go nuts (DOUBLE PUN POWER!)


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