Thank you!

Before I get to the idea behind this deck I would just like to thank everybody for all the helpful advice in the comments... this deck has changed so drastically and before it was just a goofy idea with little to no direction. I will always appreciate any thoughts on the deck and would love to hear your opinions / ideas / suggestions! :)

Idea Behind the Deck

This deck is built to drop cheap powerful creatures that we can pump and keep on the board with cards like Vines of Vastwood / Aspect of Hydra ect.

To make sure we can get out some nasty threats like Leatherback Baloth , Steel Leaf Champion , or Collected Company by turn 2 we're running a few Utopia Sprawl and Arbor Elf . We don't have any 2 drops in our ramp because one of our biggest goals is to go straight into 3/4 drops by turn 2.

Rhonas the Indomitable and Nylea, God of the Hunt are our staples here due to the fact that we almost always have 5 devotion to green along with a creature that has power 4 or greater except for the Arbor Elf .


Rancor and Utopia Sprawl help trigger devotion for Nylea, God of the Hunt .

Devotion creatures such as Leatherback Baloth , Steel Leaf Champion and, Groundbreaker help Aspect of Hydra .

Collected Company hits Groundbreaker , Leatherback Baloth , Steel Leaf Champion , Prowling Serpopard , Rhonas the Indomitable , and lastly Arbor Elf .

Arbor Elf with Utopia Sprawl lets us tap for 4 mana by turn 2.


We will most likely be replacing our 3 copies of Aspect of Hydra or our 3 copies of Blossoming Defense when we sideboard for 3 of something else.

Feed the Clan against Burn.

Natural State against Combo.

Grafdigger's Cage against Dredge.

Veil of Summer against any Blue and/or Black match ups.

Vines of Vastwood to adjust for spot removal.



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