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Magic: The RPG (Level Up/Proliferate) *Updated!*

Modern Counters Midrange Theme/Gimmick WU (Azorius)



Would you like to play a game....within another game?

Experiment on level up mechanics with proliferate to get all of your creatures to max level quickly, while using counter spells to avoid removal and various combat tricks / combos. Any suggestions welcome, and please +1 if you like the deck!

Level-Up Creatures:

Lighthouse Chronologist - Potential extra turns can be stupidly powerful, this is a great removal bait card. Be careful of spending all of your mana on his level up against control matchups. To be fair, this card is mostly useful in commander. I have never once gotten Chronologist to go off, but it has baited removal from my opponents to play my other threats.

Student of Warfare - 3 for a 3/3 first strike creature? Yes please! This is the best creature in the deck, very cheap to get it leveled up. 4/4 double strike is nothing to sneeze at.

Transcendent Master - Fully leveled up, this guy is a really good threat. Otherwise he is basically a vanilla creature.

All of these creatures were chosen because they have decent stats and cheap level-up costs. Most other available level up creatures in these colors are either low stat utility cards, or extremely understatted mana sinks with level up costs of 3.


Skyship Plunderer - Essentially a single target proliferate on a stick with built in evasion, sweet!

Venerated Teacher - Double proliferate on a stick, plus level up theme!

Contentious Plan - Card draw and a bit of proliferate is something this deck greatly enjoys. A big upgrade to the old Fuel for the Cause / Steady Progress package.

Tezzeret's Gambit More card draw and proliferate combo. Usually you will want this to cost 3 and pay the 2 life.


Time of Heroes Buff all your leveled up creatures. Self explanatory, and surprisingly powerful.



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