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Magic The Gathering: a Beginner's Deck

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This deck is made for explination purposes. The lands are relitively streight forward, with an even color spread across the color pie, and this symmetry is reflected in the cards themselves. Card comparison for Grizzly Bears vs. Gray Ogre is deliberate, to allow early players to grasp that 1) not all cards are created equal, and 2) that some colors are better at things than others. Sorceries were chosen largely due to how well they fit the color pie without needless complexity for a beginner, and creatures were chosen from a selection of evergreen abilitys,complete with reminder text. The primary purpose of this deck is to explain to a beginner how to play, rather than have any complex game plan or have a unifying theme to the deck.

The sideboard is for more advanced cards and concepts, like instants, auras, non-creature artifacts, equipment, and enchantments.

The maybeboard is gold cards; how they are a melding of the two color identities, and hybrid cards, how they are the overlap of the two color identities.


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