Under Going Upgrade Testing for AFR

This deck started from the idea of using Maskwood Nexus to make all creatures trigger Magda, Brazen Outlaw effect since there are not enough good dwarfs in red to make a good Dwarf Tribal deck.

After play testing the deck evolved to what I have here: a combo centered deck focused on using Magda, Brazen Outlaw 's activated ability to bring out the pieces to one of several combos within 4 activations to win the game.

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The Maybe Board is full of different options you could swap into the deck to change the way it plays. If you are not a fan of the combos this deck is focused around just swap out those pieces for what you like from the maybe board. There are pieces to lots of different play styles in there.

Monored is a new deck building experience for me so if you think I missed a great option for the deck, I would really appreciate you pointing it out to me. Also if you liked the deck or picked up an idea or two for your own decks I would appreciate if you could Upvote Thank you.

Cards in Proxy Testing from AFR:

  1. Plundering Barbarian - expected to be added to replace Dwarven Nomad , Dwarven Thaumaturgist , or Storm-Kiln Artist since it can make up to 2 treasures on the turn it comes.
  2. Xorn - expected to be added in place of Dwarven Nomad , Dwarven Thaumaturgist , or Storm-Kiln Artist since it basically doubles treasure tokens.
  3. Treasure Chest - might be too slow and inconsistent with 7 mana needed for a 40% chance to get 5 treasures and a 5% chance to get half a Magda, Brazen Outlaw activation. Not sure if giving up turn 3 and 4 for 1 Magda, Brazen Outlaw activation is worth it. Value might go up later in the game when you can play it and activate it on the same turn.
  4. Hoarding Orge - Worried about speed on this one as well. 4 mana does nothing until the turn after it enters the battlefield has me worried. The guarantee of making 1 treasure with the possibility of making up to 3 per attack without Maskwood Nexus being on the field has me interested. Breaking point feels like how consistently it can get multiple attacks off. The 1.55 average treasures per attack beats the 1 per tap that cards like Dwarven Nomad or Dwarven Thaumaturgist have but they can make treasure when there are no good attacks.
  5. Treasure Vault - Trying this out as a mana sink for the turns where you have 2 or more unspent mana or where you just need a few more treasure for the final activation of Magda, Brazen Outlaw to win the game.
  6. Unexpected Windfall - Will be replacing Pirate's Pillage as a strictly better version of this effect, since it is an instant and not a sorcery. The extra red mana does not matter since this is a mono-red deck.


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Rings of Brighthearth was always a fringe card in this deck to my mind; serving as a poor man's Illusionist's Bracers - in the deck just to copy Magda, Brazen Outlaw 's ability but at a much higher cost, waiting for a better artifact to come along an replace it. Well, I am not sure it is a better artifact but I decided to replace it with Grinding Station as another as another win con in the deck. Pair it with Summoning Station to make and then sacrifice infinite pincher tokens or with one of the ways to make infinite treasure to sacrifice the treasure to mill out your opponents.

Sky Skiff is a good card for this deck, its a cheap to cast, cheap to crew vehicle that allows us to tap all of our creatures for free each turn, but it wasn't unique in that capacity in the deck and the other cards that can do what it does can do more things, so it was cuttable. What I am replacing it with is a card with a unique effect, as far as I know, that I recently learned of named Sands of Time . This is a card works amazing in this deck, untapping all your tapped artifacts, creatures, and lands, and tapping any that were untapped at the cost of skipping your upkeep and allows us to go infinite with Lithoform Engine . Great card, very happy to have found it.


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