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Machus Machus Man! [Velomachus Primer + T1]

Commander / EDH Double strike Land Destruction RW (Boros) Voltron





  • Commander beatdown voltron strategy with a side mass land destruction back-up strategy.
  • Aims at winning in the early game.
  • It is good against a wide spectrum of decks, but suffers against heavy control and artifact removal decks.
  • Meant mostly for 1v1 games, but it performs surprisingly well in multiplayer due to the mass land destruction strategy. It is further adjustable for multiplayer setup (e.g., adding Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar ).
  • It is efficient (300+ tests on untap) and fun to play, but also quite salty due to the mass land destruction side strategy.
  • Price can be dramatically reduced by removing Wheel of Fortune (e.g., for Wheel of Misfortune ), Grim Monolith (e.g., for Hedron Archive or other rocks), and Plateau .






Other T1 combinations requiring 5+ cards exist.


  1. Ramp as fast as you can.
  2. Have some protection ( Giver of Runes , Mother of Runes , Benevolent Bodyguard , Ranger-Captain of Eos ) ready on the battlefield.
  3. Cast Velomachus Lorehold , hope to hit: (a) a booster card ( Insult / Injury , Onward / Victory , Rush of Blood , Unleash Fury ) for damage; (b) a double strike card ( Kaya's Onslaught , Uncaged Fury , Boros Charm , Akroma's Will ) for damage; (c) a board wipe ( Armageddon , Cataclysm ) to gain strategic advantage; (d) an extra combat card ( Savage Beating , World at War ); (e) or a wheel card to restock your hand, which is usually empty as you're supposed to play ramp cards and other permanents early in the game.
  4. Continue to exploit the synergy between booster, double strike, and double combat cards.
  5. Add additional triggers with Strionic Resonator or finish your opponent off with an extra turn card ( Final Fortune ).


Notable Synergies

Anti-control Cards

Notable Exclusions


Updates Add

In (again) Combat Celebrant --> out Duelist's Heritage .

In Veilstone Amulet --> out Benevolent Bodyguard .

In Chaos Warp --> out Overblaze .

In Valakut Awakening  Flip --> out a mountain.

Whilst Duelist's Heritage provided a much beloved 10 double strike damage, Combat Celebrant seems more suitable because (1) it provides an extra attack phase, and thus extra trigger with velomachus, therefore increasing the chances of hitting (a) any instant or sorcery in first place; (b) the double strike + booster synergy; or (c) the wipe + Cosmic Intervention synergy; and (2) it serves as a decoy for removal spells.

Veilstone Amulet works when Velomachus is cast as well, meaning that if amulet is in play, Velomachus cannot be removed on the same turn it's being cast. Overall, the amulet is a more valuable card than Benevolent Bodyguard .

Chaos Warp is the answer to lack of targeted permanent removals affecting this deck. Removing the least likable booster card (i.e., Overblaze ) seems to be the a good trade off.

Valakut Awakening  Flip is an additional chance to change your hand, and provides an extra card when cast through Velomachus.


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