This is my new M20 deck that I have been playing since the release of M20 on MTG Arena and in paper for FNM tonight.

The deck was tons of fun to play and performed really well.The deck uses Scheming Symmetry to ensure your God-Eternal Kefnet is always able to copy a spell.

The deck runs Unmoored Ego and Drawn from Dreams for sp[ells as payoffs. I added Ashiok, Dream Render to mill the symmetry card the opponent picks and in combination with duplicated Umoored Ego, it can mill your opponent quite fast.

To smooth out the spells and ensure we can put back the pieces on the top of the deck, I added Cavalier of Gales and to play all of the above at instant speed, I added Leyline of Anticipation .

I hope you enjoy the deck as much as I do!


After the last SCG tour, the meta online shifted a bit and I changed the deck too. I cut down the Unmoored Ego and increase the amount of spot removal. I also reduced the amount of Scheming Symmetry and other cards for the increased spot removal. I also traded 1 Ashiok, Dream Render for a Grafdigger's Cage as well.


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