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Lyzolda Worldgorger combo (Rakdos-Theme)

Commander / EDH


This is my current list for my Worldgorger Dragon combo deck, theme'd after my favorite guild Cult Rakdos!

The combo is tried and true, relying on one of three victory-condition lands (Piranha Marsh, Shivan Gorge, or Stensia Bloodhall) to combo asap with the dragon + reanimating enchantments. This has happened on turn-2 a few times, but is more stable and likely to happen around turn-4 or 5 with average draws and tutors.

The reason Lyzolda is the pilot is since she can also be used as a victory-condition if we have a different creature to target with the reanimation spell. After creating infinite mana we can cast+sac Lyzolda to herself to Shock our opponents to death and draw our deck.

There are dozens of better Worldgorger Dragon victory-enabling cards that could be ran here (Warstorm Surge/Purphoros, God of the Forge/Staff of Nin/etc), that are absolutely strictly better than the clearly under-powered and sub-optimal cards included in my list (Rakdos Guildgate/Carnival Hellsteed/etc). These are here entirely for my own personal preference of theme in the deck. If you are interested in pursuing a truly optimal dragon-combo build, then just hunt around in my list for anything with a rakdos water-mark and upgrade it :)

The delicate nature of the combo feels utterly Rakdos in flavor. Since timely disruption exiles my entire board the deck needs some alternative path to victory when trying for the combo is too dangerous, thus we have all the fun Cult Rakdos theme cards to act as disruption and filler.

These thematic cards along with the generic good-stuff rakdos combo+draw cards can enable a semi-midrange control deck when the combo is inaccessible.

An earlier video showing my progression of pimpage can be seen here;


The deck still needs a Wheel of Fortune, and I've been thinking about re-adding Gilded Lotus and Staff of Nin (another victory-condition while the combo loops). The cards-to-foil needs include Bloodstained Mire, Charcoal Diamond, Fire Diamond, Scroll Rack, Sensei's Divining Top, Vampiric Tutor, and Demonic Tutor... It is unlikely that I can afford the judge tutors or wheel for some time :P

This all-in combo design has also become notoriously hated at many of my tables, with people taking excessive mulligans into early answers after seeing Lyzolda in my command zone. Due to this, and my passion for the combo, I've developed a second Worldgorger Dragon combo design that is more relaxed midrange reanimator deck piloted by the new Olivia (decklist in my EDH folder).


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