My Kaalia of the Vast deck list.

This deck wants to do one thing: cheat out big scary creatures that destroy your opponents. Here's how that happens.

  • Ramp: Almost all the ramp in this deck is focused about casting Kaalia of the Vast as soon as possible, typically turn 3. For that reason, most of the ramp comes in the form of 2-mana artifacts. Assuming you play a land on turns 1-3, playing a mana rock on t2 will enable you to play Kaalia on t3 and then start smacking face on t4.

  • Protection: Once you have played Kaalia, however, she will be a target for all of your opponents to remove before she starts summoning game-ending threats into play. For this reason it will be optimal to have some form of protection for Kaalia on the battlefield. This comes in a variety of forms. Mother of Runes can be played on turn 1 and can use her activated ability to protect Kaalia. Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots can give Kaalia shroud or hexproof to avoid targeted removal and both have the added upside of granting Kaalia haste enabling her to cheat out threats even faster and reducing the time your opponents have to respond to your moves. Lastly, there are spells that grant one turn of invulnerability like Teferi's Protection which can save your entire board from danger but can also be used to protect only the commander in a pinch.

  • Creatures: Angels & Demons and sometimes Dragons. I have done my best to acquire the most powerful assortment of creatures that have the relevant subtypes. I do operate on somewhat of a budget so there are a couple more powerful options that are not included. The main criteria that an Angel, Demon, or Dragon should be weighed against is how powerful it is when it is attacking, if it has an enters the battlefield or combat damage ability, how well it helps protect Kaalia, keeps our deck on the attack, and how well it keeps our opponents from countering our plans.

  • Card Draw: One of the biggest problems this deck can run into is when everything goes according to plan but then the deck runs out of gas before it can finish off every opponent. Drawing multiple cards either in one instance with a card like Dragon Mage or consistently over a series of turns with Phyrexian Arena will help our deck continually apply pressure on our opponents' life totals.

  • Removal: The removal in this deck mostly cares about removing obstacles in the way of our flying beaters. This also means that much of the removal comes attached to a creature granting us a 2-for-1. Other instances of removal will ideally be cheap but versatile allowing us to maintain pressure. Since our deck wants to be aggressive we also run few sweepers and the few that we do run tend to be one-sided.

That's how this deck works. It goes hard, it goes fast, and it goes big. It runs the razors edge of trying to kill your opponents before they have the chance to establish a defense and overwhelm you with collective advantage. Good luck, and have fun!


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