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The Chieftain of Balduvain, Lovisa Coldeyes(Apart)

Commander / EDH Aggro Battlecruiser Mono-Red Multiplayer Red Deck Wins Tribal


Lovisa Coldeyes

Hardened by battle and by the harsh ice age in which she lived, Lovisa Coldeyes was a fierce and ruthless chieftain, feared and respected warrior, commanding the barbarians of Balduvia.

Fighting on the frontlines of every battle, she decimates her enemies with raw physical power and challenges her allies to match her ferocity.

Have the classic Neheb, the Eternal and Aggravated Assult and other cards that make your enemys suffer for every move they make, And I have snow_covered mountains that works excelent with Extraplanar Lens and Sword of Feast and Famine as well.

Trying to build a Lovisa deck with warriors, barbarians and berserkers. Let see how it will be :D


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