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Lord Of Tresserhorn Knows How To Win

Commander / EDH Jank Theme/Gimmick UBR (Grixis)



It's time for an oldie but a goodie, and probably the best commander pick in the format, Lord of Tresserhorn ! I'm sure you've all taken one good look at this guy and thought, "I can use that triggered ability to win the game!" Turns out you're right. Here's how we do it: just play Carnival of Souls and Equilibrium to set up your combo. And Rooftop Storm to get a sweet, sweet discount on Lord of Tresserhorn 's mana cost (did you know he was a zombie?) And Platinum Emperion to get around paying those 2 life. And Gravecrawler and Nether Traitor so you don't wind up sacrificing your emperion guy. Then just cast your commander, stack your triggers so carnival resolves first, spend 1 to put Lord of Tresserhorn back in your hand, sacrifice your two little guys, then force one lucky opponent to draw two cards, theeeen pay Nether Traitor 's triggered ability and then also Gravecrawler 's mana cost (remember your commander is a zombie!) aaaand just repeat all that over and over until everyone else draws out their libraries! Easy as pie!


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