This deck started as the Commander 2018 Precon "Nature's Vengence" but I have changed and upgraded it a lot. The idea with this deck is too ramp into a bunch of mana and play big creatures with landfall then play as may lands as you can.

Lord Windgrace's first ability is the main source of card draw for the deck and also helps feed the graveyard. His second ability helps ramp and add Landfall triggers. His ultimate ability rarely gets activated but it usually wins the game.

The win condition for the deck is overwhelming your opponents with big creatures and/or big tokens. Most the time my opponents would wipe my board before the summoning sickness could go away. That is why I built in the haste package.

I put in plenty of targeted removal and board wipes and it makes the deck play like midrange. Some games I will just sit back and watch people fight each other while I sculpt my hand and graveyard and remove threats that will kill me.

During the early game the Landfall Stackers are used for ramp and during the late game you can use extra mana on ramp spells to also add to the Landfall count.

The deck abuses the Landfall mechanic and gets about five to six triggers when I need them. However my record is eleven Landfall triggers with Omnath, Locus of Rage and Fervor on the board. Needless to say I won that game.

The deck is very flexable on how each game plays and it is very fun to play. I plan on upgrading and changing it often. Thank you for reading this and please leave a comment if there is a card you would recommend.


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