Filter Anje Filter Anje is a deck that runs 40 cards with the keyword Madness, and ALMOST no other relevant text.

The deck prioritizes tutors to speed out Worldgorger Dragon and an Animate Dead to establish infinite mana and hand sculpting.

I'm blazingscout, maker of hot takes, builder of decks.

Anje Falkenrath or filter Anje is a graveyard based combo deck that utilizes the keyword Madness to see an obscene amount of cards over the course of the game. Its tremendously fun to pilot and somewhat difficult to deal with when working with improper tools. Fair warning the deck does get gotten by a well timed destroy effect on either Animate Dead or Worldgorger Dragon, forcing you to exile all your permanents. Its relatively fragile, but with this build, you will have the tools and information needed to know when to bounce back, or scoop it up.

Gameplan is to cast Anje asap, then tutor and filter our way into any pair of these cards

Worldgorger Combo Win

With the aforementioned combo line, this grants infite rummaging (discard then draw). As long as there is 1 card in hand, you can rummage your way into Avacyn's Judgement, cast it off of the madness trigger to win the game, simple right!?

Worldgorger Combo Alternative Win

Say your avacyn's judgement is exiled, oh no! Instead, you need atleast 2 cards in hand and the Worldgorger combo happening. Rummage Cards until you find Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and Alms of the Vein. Discard Alms of the Vein and cast it. Then discard Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and repeat the process of casting alms and discarding Ulamog. This combo is deterministic because, even if Ulamog is the last card in your library, you can stack the triggers off the discard so that you shuffle your graveyard into your library off of Ulamog before you draw on an empty library. Both Anje and Merchant's abilities have discarding the card as part of the cost of activation, meaning the stack can resolve Ulamog's shuffle trigger before the Anje or Merchant's ability resolve!

Dualcaster Mage

Twinflame and Dualcaster Mage is pretty self explanatory. Cast twin flame targeting a creature you control, hold priority and cast Dualcaster Mage, making a copy of Twinflame, have the new one target Dualcaster Mage and repeat until you can win the game with combat damage.

If you're reading this then you're in an unfortunate situation! Here's some I've encountered and their solutions!

Oh no! My Worldgorger or Animate Dead is going to be destroyed!

Unfortunately this is the end of the line for you, all your permanents will be exile and there is no stopping it. To bounce back, hope you draw into 2 lands, Merchant of the Vale and another Animate Dead. This situation is the most dire of the bunch.

Oh no! I control a Gilded Drake!

This is fine, you may think you're in a corner, but you're really not. When Gorger exiles and returns all your permanents Gilded Drake will enter the battlefield under it's owner's control and exchange with another creature before Gorger's enter the battlefield effect will resolve. If you're goal was to rummage loop with Anje you're out of that line, but still get to loop Worldgorger. If your opponent tries to take Worldgorger with Gilded Drake then that's fine, you still control the Animate Dead and the combo will continue as normal because Worldgorger doesn't care who controls it as long as it exiles the Animate Dead. Gorger will exile your permanents and the Animate Dead's leave the battlefield effect will go onto the stack, causing Gorger's controller to sacrifice it. Gorger remembers the permanents it exiled regardless of who controls the trigger, meaning your permanents will enter the battlefield again bringing you back to the start of the loop with Gilded Drake's enter the battlefield effect on the stack.

Oh no! I can't loop a damage spell with the combo!

Your out is to loop any instant or sorcery with madness. Read each card as you draw them and see if it is relevant to the board-state. Looping cards like Distemper of the Blood, and Malevolent Whispers, or From Under the Floorboards can create an infinitely large zombie army, or steal every creature and make them all infinitely large with haste** . Just because you can't dome people with Fiery Temper doesn't mean you can't beat their faces in.

**Important note: To actually do this you need to have Merchant of the Vale on the field at some point along with infinite mana. This allows us to loop cards without dragon resetting the board, meaning you can make that token army without losing it to a worldgorger etb!

Oh no! I control lands that only deal me damage so I can't go infinite!

This is a bit of a multi-part scenario, although unlikely (In testing I've only encountered this once), it is possible to only control mana sources that deal you damage, causing you to not be able to execute certain loops or Avacyn's Judgment the win. An example being only controlling a Peat Bog and Mana Confluence. Chances are anyone playing this deck will never run into this issue, but it is worth pointing out. All of these scenarios assume that you control Anje and are not relying on Merchant of the Vale or Bag of Holding to rummage through your deck.

A sort of latest development from the Rakdos color discord is that you can loop Dark Ritual aswell as any other non madness card in your deck with Call to the Netherworld. Casting a non madness spell puts you down a card during the combo, but with CotN you net 1 card from casting it (you get a black madness creature back). That means aslong as you can cast ritual once (or put city of brass's trigger on the stack) you can filter your way into CotN and grab a black creature plus the draw from the looting then cycle Ulamog to reset your board state but with +3 black mana!

I control only a Tarnished Citadel!

This one is the easiest of them all. Your out is playing Avacyn's Judgment as you can still make infinite colorless mana with citadel with the added fact that judgement only requires 1 red to cast.

If Avacyn's Judgment is exiled, Alms of the Vein will net 0 life on each cast.

If both Alms and Judgment are exiled, From Under the Floorboards is your only hope.

I control only a City of Brass and/or Mana Confluence!

Alms of the Vein gains you more life than you lose per land activation.

Alternatively, your life total is the amount of times you can cast Fiery Temper. A sneaky trick with City of Brass is to activate before you discard Firey Temper so that you can respond to the damage trigger with Anje's discard ability.

Other than the above solutions, there isn't a clean way to win or put yourself in a favorable position.

Oh no! I think I'm Slow Playing!

First, thanks to Flooremoji for brining this up as it is pretty important.

Slow play if executing a loop is defined by the starting and ending board-states of that loop. The infamous 4-horsemen legacy deck loops Basalt Monolith and Mesmeric Orb to attempt to mill the top cards in a specific order to execute a win. The problem with that is if you don't mill the cards correctly, Ulamog, the infinte gyre will shuffle your graveyard into your library, returning you to the exact board-state that you started the loop at. The game only sees libraries a randomized, it doesn't actually know the order unless shown through scrying or whatnot.

For simplicity, looping madness spells with Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre does not count as slow play because you're never returning to your exact starting board-state. As long as the game has progressed between the start and end of your loop you're not at risk for slow play.

Now it's a different story if you only have 1 card in hand while you're rummaging. Because you cannot definitely claim that you will draw and cast a madness card before you draw Ulamog, this will be considered slow play. Because you have to discard your only card, you cannot hold Ulamog in hand and rummage to a madness spell, Ulamog will get discarded and shuffled, presenting the possibility of slow play.

Fixing Slow Play!

To fix a possible slow play situation, you must either net 1 card off of Call to the Netherworld so that you can keep Ulamog in hand and continue the loop or risk drawing a castable madness card off the top of your library before you draw Ulamog. Either way, play out the game. If you get hit with slow play, it's more than likely you were just unlucky and that's okay.

Bag of Holding

Bag of holding functions as a second copy of Shadow of the Grave but for twice the cost. Its additional function is acting as an outlet to loot while in the middle of the World Gorger combo, much like Merchant of the Vale. The addition of the card allows the deck to perform under a Cursed Totem at the cost of needing an additional piece to win the game. At it's worst, it is a 4 mana draw spell. At it's best, it'll win you the game through cursed totem effects.

What gets exiled and what doesn't

There are 3 cards that are not avacyn's judgement that deal damage to your opponent when looping them with Ulamog. They are Fiery Temper Alms of the Vein and Violent Eruption. Its important to keep track of which of these 4 cards are still in your deck. If you exile them all, you're going to have to seek an alternate win condition through combat. Make sure that you have at least 2 of these 4 cards left in your deck and not exiled just in case things go south on you.

How not to exile cards is to choose to use madness' replacement effect to exile it rather than put it into your graveyard. Bag of Holding cannot exile cards that do not enter the graveyard, meaning that Rest in Peace stops your cards from ever being exiled with Bag of Holding. To put a madness card under Bag of Holding is to choose not to use the madness replacement effect, sending it directly to the graveyard for Bag of Holding to exile.

Merchant of the Vale

Merchant is the hottest spiciest tech in all the land. He sits in exile and doesn't come out until you assemble Worldgorger combo, then functions as an off brand Anje, winning you the game if you lose control of Anje or can't cast her during the Wordgorger combo.

Emergence Zone

This card takes a non madness non land slot, it's very effective at timing your combo perfectly. Control player taps out to play their Seedborne muse? Crack emergence zone and punish them for playing control. Making everything instant speed is terrifying for other decks.

Dualcaster Mage and Twinflame

I don't like being all in on one plan, I think its detrimental to decks that can afford to play an alternative win condition that is independent from the main combo while not being affected by hate for the main combo. Dualcaster combo is the cheapest and most compact combo for this deck. It takes some experience and meta knowledge to know when to go for this over the main combo when not in the presence of hate peices. Except Torpor Orb.

Peat Bog

Functions as an off brand ritual that costs a turn. It's great in the opener, and can always be pitched to Anje if need be. This card doesn't occupy a land slot, so it'll be the first cut if something better comes along.

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre

Allows the looping of madness spells instead of having to play Comet Storm. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth functions the same, but having an indestructible body that blows up a permanent is more valuable than drawing cards. Why? Because what good are 4 cards going to do if your goal is casting a 10+ mana spell in cEDH?


I'm not sold on the card being good in the deck. It makes it so that one less madness card can be discarded, locks you out of the game if you have to be greedy, and won't allow you to discard Worldgorger dragon ever.

Chaos Warp

Call me crazy, but I think this card doesn't belong here if you're running Dualcaster combo. It just feels super clunky and irrelevant most of the time. Mogg Salvage hits cage for free while warp hits the Rest in Peace I would be playing if I weren't piloting this deck. There just aren't enough enchantments in the general meta to really warrant having removal for.

Mausoleum Secrets and Songs of the Damned

I used to play these in the list but they were just too contextual to be good. Songs of the Damned half the time is either the fattest Dark Ritual or a black Rite of Flame. Mausoleum Secrets is either an instant speed tutor, or a dead card. They're too reliant on uncontrollable factors to be included.

Plunge into Darkness

Bad in every deck except Kess and The First Sliver.

Primer will get more pretty as time moves along, but it's functional for now. If there's anything I missed or better card choices, let me know, and I'll update the primer accordingly after testing.


Updates Add

New mono painland infinite combo line! Updated an existing Ulamog combo line for more clearance on what to do.


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