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While Saruman can be an extremely fun amass commander. I've decided to stick with Sauron as he allows a more budget friendly deck that's less dependent on card draw. Plus I also just wanted a semi LOTR themed casual deck. If you want it more competitive, I could add some specifics in sideboard, but it's pretty easy. Just replace the not as efficient LOTR cards for counter spells, wheels or more removal. I just really needed a REAL casual deck, so I probably won't upgrade this haha.


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First thing, Saruman I think way more aggressive. You'll amass way faster with Saruman. He's a faster to play commander, and if don't need bad amass Cards to create a scary army.

Secondly. I still want to play this more LOTR themed, BUT, This deck has potential to maybe be a strong power level 8. Just by playing equipments, counterspells and other normal valued cards you get your army. Play a rhystic Study, grow your army. Force of Will, grow your army. Something that isn't as easy as Saruman. I will be keeping this as a casual deck, with some suboptimal cards like Gothmog and other creature cards, but qill consider making another stringer list later.


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