Golgari elf tribal.

Start by ramping aggressively. Get creatures and lands on the board.

Attack anyone who is vulnerable. Use creature mana to drop some splashy spells early. Don't be afraid to put creatures into the graveyard, either as attackers, blockers, discards, or self-mill. They still help pump the commander. A draw engine like Recycle or Null Profusion can speed things along, and these get downright silly if combined with Abundance or Underrealm Lich.

There are a few different win-cons. Commander damage is great if Abomination can get big and get through in combat. Jarad can deal damage as many times as you can pay the mana cost, and re-playing Abomination can be great fodder for this. If life totals are low, going wide in combat can work. A well-timed Torment of Hailfire or Skemfar Shadowsage can also hit big. Mortal Combat doesn't work often, but it makes for a fun story if it does, and can provide insurance in metas with a lot of board wipes.


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