Burn and Lifegain: burn gives you life and life gives you a Lightning Bolt . As hard of ramp as possible from Boros to get Firesong and Sunspeaker out ASAP and gain a bunch of life while dealing huge damage and killing everything that moves. Super simple and has high hopes for being a ton of fun (For me), but totally not competitive.

I want to test how strong the lifegain first to see if Aetherflux Reservoir , Felidar Sovereign , and/or Test of Endurance are viable wincons.

Always appreciates and encourages suggestions!


Updates Add

Big update: Less focus on burn, more focus on life gain... kinda. Added staple Boros removal and a TON of board wipes to keep the board under control. Ive actually been testing this version for months and it works pretty well to stall the game, gain a bunch of life and wait for my wincons. There is burn in here, but it is more to kill creature than burning opponents.

Newest additions are Smothering Tithe , Wheel of Fortune , and Magus of the Wheel . The synergy between them on top of being good by themselves is great.

I think it's at a great place and will only add little additions as I play it more and see what working better than others and what its missing.



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