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Liu bei, The trilogy maker

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Finally. Liu Bei, Lord of Shu finally has something to call his home. Him and his friends Guan Yu, Sainted Warrior and Zhang Fei, Fierce Warrior are finally here to crush the enemies.

It's too bad this deck is Freaking terrible!

I tried. I really tried. Liu bei is one of only creatures in the entirety of magic that has less then three decks on tapped-out. And I really wanted to show something that only he can do. But he's just so... Bland. There is nothing I could think of that's original.

Infinite combo? I'm kinda saving it for another commander.

Voltron? Extremely boring.

Mono white aggro? Waaaaaaaaay better options and again, boring.

So the best I could come up with is kinda combo. Like you play two or three or seven cards to create this neat affect; Only instead of instant win, we get neat effects.

The Throne of Empires , Scepter of Empires , and Crown of Empires is a perfect example.

Yeah, I got nothing.

Here are all the neat interactions in this deck.

Liu Bei, Lord of Shu + Guan Yu, Sainted Warrior or Zhang Fei, Fierce Warrior : Duh

Animation Module+Decoction Module+ Fabrication Module : Pretty self explanatory

Throne of Empires + Scepter of Empires + Crown of Empires : Also self explanatory

Helm of Kaldra +Shield of Kaldra+Sword of Kaldra: Also also self explanatory

Blasting Station+Grinding Station+Salvaging Station+Summoning Station: This is the only infinite combo in the deck but it's just too perfect not to play.

Elder Cathar + Any of the horsemanship creatures: You get a buff. That's it.

Griffin Protector + Griffin Rider : Big griffen, Big rider,

Umbra Mystic+ Brilliant Halo : Unkillable creature.

Gift of Immortality+Martyr's Cause+Creature: Prevent damage every turn. Throw in Martyr's Bond and you build your own The Abyss

Coalition Flag + Flickerform +Creature: Your opponents can never ever target stuff again.

Which I'll admit is cool. But the deck is going to be more inconsistent as Sorin's Varying Art Quality

Magic has been around for a loooong time but that doesn't mean we can patch up every hole in the color. Card draw and Tutoring are absolutely critical for a deck like then and white has barely any. We play every thing from Stoneforge Mystic to Citanul Flute. We're even playing Skyship Weatherlight

No,no. Stop scrolling and Read this. Skyship Weatherlight. This is how desperate we are.

And it would be more forgivable if we would just win the game when we could all our combo pieces. But we don't. We make a bunch of 1/1's or we prevent all the damage for a turn. And that doesn't make up for when we draw Flickerform , Throne of Empires and Helm of Kaldra all in our opening hand and never see the other pieces.

So yeah. Sorry liu bei. This is the best I can do.

Seriously if anyone has a better way to build this guy, I will like and sub instantly! (How do you even sub to a tapped out channel? I'll figure that out afterwards)


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