CATS. I love the idea of Tribal, and I wanted a deck that will be casual FUN but is COMPETITIVE in the world of Kitchen-Table-Magic.

PSA: I would really appreciate feedback, on things to add or take out! (I want all creatures to be Cats)

I've play tested a bunch for synergy and I think for the most part the mana to other cards ratio is pretty solid.

I run the Black mostly for the removal (Doom Blade) and for "Black Cat". The Legendary is just a possible Win-Con. Truthfully the only thing I am NOT 100% about is "Black Cat". If anyone has any ideas on another alternative I am very open to it.

The only real Strategy with this deck is: 1.Gain Life2.Cat Swarm3.Give a Cat a Sword4.Buff with Counters5.Let the Kitty do some work.

Let me know what you all think! :)


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