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Commander / EDH*


My custom cards, exported from MSE. Feedback welcome.

  • I'm mostly designing for EDH so the power level is overall high.

  • Cards with names that start with "!" are unfinished.

  • Cards with names that end in "_alt" are modified preexisting cards.

Spotlight: Scornful Branding, Vampiric Destruction, Song of Horobi, Retained Working, Tempest of the Kami, Ethereal Canvas

Comment: Messing a bit with splicing, as I found it kind of disappointing that the existing use of the mechanic hasn't taken much advantage of the fact that you're combining spells. Dunno if making at least some of these "Splice onto instant or sorcery" instead of just Arcane would bring problems (giving Command the Dreadhorde lifelink sounds fun).

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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