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Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

Commander / EDH* RW (Boros) Stax


light as a feather, stiff as a board

Cantrip and Scry

  1. Sheltering Light
  2. Acrobatic Maneuver
  3. Defiant Strike
  4. Guided Strike
  5. Storm Strike
  6. Stand Firm
  7. Shelter
  8. Gods Willing
  9. Titan's Strength
  10. Crimson Wisps
  11. Samut's Sprint
  12. Expedite
  13. Psychotic Fury
  14. Pressure Point
  15. Niveous Wisps
Cantrips and Scrying are the main card advantage engine in the deck. The ideal cantrip has the lowest cost in addition to drawing a card, is an instant and has a beneficial effect in that order of priority. A cantrip can be a buff, but a buff is not a cantrip.


  1. Shelter
  2. Gods Willing
  3. Feat of Resistance
  4. Cloudshift
  5. Acrobatic Maneuver
  6. Long Road Home
  7. Otherworldly Journey
  8. Eerie Interlude
  9. Sheltering Light
  10. Ajani's Presence
  11. Boros Charm
  12. Dawn Charm
  13. Adamant Will
  14. Graceful Reprieve
  15. Emerge Unscathed
In order of priority for protecting Feather it is spells that defend against both target spells and abilities and some board wipes (Protection from X), Targeted spells and abilities (Blink), and Wraths (Slow-Blink and Indestructible). Preventing combat damage and defending against sacrifice effects are a lower priority. The ideal protection spells provides the best defense at the lowest cost.


  1. Boros Charm
  2. Feat of Resistance
  3. Brute Force
  4. Rush of Adrenaline
The best buff provides the greatest benefit at the least cost.


  1. Aurelia's Fury : A 'Soft-Lock' as well as evasion
  2. Chaos Warp
  3. Path to Exile
  4. Swords to Plowshares
  5. Soul's Fire
  6. Wear / Tear
  7. Disenchant
  8. Reckless Rage
  9. Chandra's Ignition
  10. Fall of the Hammer
Preferably in order of priority: Non-specific removal, targeted removal, mass removal, all with the least restrictions.


  1. Blood Moon
  2. The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale
  3. Mana Web
  4. Armageddon
  5. Ghostly Prison
  6. Solitary Confinement
  7. Aegis of the Gods
  8. Blind Obedience
  9. Rest in Peace
  10. Dawn Charm
  11. Aven Mindcensor
  12. Grand Abolisher
  13. Hushwing Gryff
  14. Cursed Totem
  15. Orim's Chant
  16. Silence
Disruption is intended to attack and/or delay your opponent's strategy.

Tutors and Misc

  1. Seize the Day
  2. Enlightened Tutor
  3. Imperial Recruiter


  1. Guttersnipe
  2. Monastery Mentor


  1. Chrome Mox
  2. Lotus Petal
  3. Mana Crypt
  4. Sol Ring
  5. Boros Signet
  6. Fire Diamond
  7. Marble Diamond
  8. Smothering Tithe

It is very important that Feather lands and sticks as early as possible. With (6) pieces of protection that could be used or held up with just one open mana, the earlier that you can do that will be a turn earlier that you can untap with full mana open and start cantripping.

In my opinion Feather plays alot like Narset. Its a general you want to cast on T-3 and untap and attack with on turn four, at the latest. She comes with built in protection like Narset but has better evasion at the expense of needing more than one combat step to win.

The (15) cantrips are the engine of the deck. You need mana to cast multiple spells a turn, you need to find those lands. Prioritize hitting your land drops even if you have to 'burn' a cantrip or two before casting Feather. Keep around (2) cantrips in hand to use each of your turns, this plus your draw for the turn should keep you making your land drops. You don't need to hold lands in your hand and its ok to discard down to 7 at the end of each of your turns. You should hold (2-3) protection spells, (1-2) disruption or removal spells, (1-2) buffs and (2) cantrips in your hand each turn.

ALWAYS KEEP MANA UP FOR AT LEAST ONE PROTECTION SPELL EACH ROUND. You may not need it. You may have the wrong spell at the wrong time and lose Feather for a turn or two, but don't tap out even at the end step before your turn.

The goal is to beef up Feather as much as possible, protect her, and swing for Commander damage. Some pumps and double strike will take out a player in a few hits, but I feel that a staxxxy/prison package is needed in order to keep your opponents from beating YOUR face in on their turns.

If your opponents are determined to remove Feather, make them pay for it. They will 2-for-1 themselves because so long as you have Feather in play, the CAST trigger of your spells resolve and Feather's replacement effect is delayed, so your spells will return to your hand even if she is not around.


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