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Life’s Certainties: Death & Taxes (For Paulie)

Modern Competitive Control Death and Taxes Mono-White Tempo



Being a mono color deck helps us avoid being seriously effected by any Blood Moon. I am learning what this deck can do since I’m new to the archetype, so the description will improve.

Ghost Quarter for land destruction.

Urza's Saga for colorless, tutor and a body.

Stoneforge Mystic to find our equipment and get it out quickly.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben to make it harder for our opponent to cast spells. A 4 of because she see’s hate almost immediately.

Esper Sentinel is nice 1 drop, goes great with Thalia for card draw.

Giver of Runes to help protect our creatures.

Flickerwisp for various tricks and shenanigans.

Solitude for removal and life gain.

Aether Vial you know why.

Shadowspear for the buff, trample and lifelink.

Kaldra Compleat is another beater with that’s a nice clock.

Lion Sash is our scooze and main board graveyard hate that can be tutored with SFM.

Touch the Spirit Realm for flicker effects.

Batterskull for lifelink and vigilance

Sword of Fire and Ice for the buff, protection that’s VERY relevant in todays meta, card draw & damage to any target.

Burrenton Forge-Tender for protection.

Citywide Bust EE type of board wipe.

Damping Sphere for tron.

Relic of Progenitus for graveyard hate.

Sanctifier en-Vec for protection and red/black hate.

Pithing Needle for removal.


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